Why use SMS as a way of engaging with your customers?

  • 45% of SMS received get a positive response
  • Read rate within 15 minutes is 97% compared to only 5% of emails
  • They don’t get lost in spam/junk folders
  • Of the 29% of people who respond to SMS, 49% go on to make a purchase

SMS can be a very effective way of interacting with your customers. We have access to the most powerful bulk SMS platform on the market and offer a range of solutions. Manage your own campaigns and just pay a low cost per text, or let us supply your data that works best with your selected demographic and manage the campaigns for you.

Our SMS platform is unique and features the following intelligent services-

Intelligent tracking
We have created Intelligent Tracking to enable businesses to include unique links within messages, which in turn allows for customer interactions to be tracked through the on line portal. Data can then be fed back to your CRM or dialler.

Intelligent filtering
Intelligent filtering is the live application of the brain that powers our system. Providing the ability to create dynamic filters on any outbound messages to target specific mobile behaviours. This ensures your texts go the required target market and can vastly reduce the amount of wasted texts sent.

Intelligent query
Get a true understanding of your mobile data by querying our phone number intelligence prior to running your campaign


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